what even are these boxes
☼ I have no idea what to do with them
☼ ???
☼ they're called update tabs
☼ but what does that even mean?
☼ whatever I like the rest of the theme
☼ so I guess I'll just figure it out
☼ now with 100% more bullet points!
Fandoms I'm actually in
☼ Marvel
☼ Harry Potter
☼ Rizzoli & Isles
☼ Dragon Age
☼ Rooster Teeth
Other fandoms I have interest in
☼ Anything magical girls
☼ DC's okay [aka I ♥ Wonder Woman]
☼ Pacrim
☼ Homestuck
☼ Elementary
☼ Once Upon A Time
☼ Orange is the New Black
☼ Orphan Black
Fandoms I'm no longer in
☼ Teen Wolf
☼ Supernatural
☼ Doctor Who
☼ BBC Sherlock
I am defensive about those ladies over there
☼ Rachel Duncan is a complex character with her own motivations she is not a flat one dimensional pure evil villain
☼ Allison Argent is a queen and deserved better than what teen wolf and its fandom gave her
☼ Skye is my darling and if you don't like her or if you ship her with ward then you really need to gtfo my blog
☼ Nat is a goddess in any universe and really fuckin needs a movie yA HEAR ME MARVEL
☼ check out the tag for more rad, wonderful, lovely ladies xoxo

the world sucks and I don’t want to live in it any longer 

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open a bullshit fictional ‘morality’ quiz that should have absofuckinglutely nothing to do with romance

literally the second question is about romance

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Petition to stop using “more than a friend” to describe romantic partners

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tumblr: “uwu… why dont platonic dates exist… why dcant u platonically marry ur friends ,.. why cant u platoni c , anal sex … „, , „ „ PLATONIC

digging this edgy new humor where we make fun of people who want sexual relationships or particularly close relationships with their friends without there being any romantic implications involved! because all intimacy has to involve romance, right? haha! and also it’s totally cool to shame people who have sex with people they aren’t romantically involved with! i can’t believe how funny aromantic erasure is these days

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"We can’t use A in our acronyms because it allows shitty allies to weasel themselves in!"

Perhaps if the lgbtqia community prioritized and cared more about ASEXUALS than about straight allies, we wouldn’t have this problem.

The A is not for allies. It has never been for allies. The A is for aces. Do not rob actual members of the lgbtqia community of the little representation we have for the sake of fucking straight people. 

The A is fucking necessary. 

(and it’s for aromantic, too) 

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Okay! So i’ve noticed that sometimes social justice posts will be hard to read for people for a lot of reasons, including:

  • text written in excessive caps or bold
  • blocks of text that aren’t broken up
  • hard to understand words that aren’t known to a lot of people 
  • other reasons that i cannot think of right now

since i couldn’t find a blog that rectified these problems, i decided to make one. so essentially the format of this blog will be: 

you guys can submit me posts or link me to posts that are difficult to read or understand and i will try to make them accessible as best as i can! and if you have any tips for me as to how i can make posts more accessible i will be glad to hear them!

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its really good that theres a list of common emotionally abusive behaviours going around but can we please not say that “mood swings” and “unpredictable responses” are themselves signs of emotional abuse

because that’s…. pretty disablist actually, considering how often traumatized or brainweird people are told that our neurology or trauma itself makes us abusive (which is a common tactic of, you guessed it, neurotypical abusers!)

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"Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist."

Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer (via funeral)

I’ve reblogged this so many times, it is always relevant.

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dalish inquisitor throwing random elven words into their reports to fuck with their advisors. one of them goes to Solas to get a translation and he looks over it a minute and starts laughing. advisor asks him what he’s laughing at, and solas tells them it isn’t even elvish, it’s just random gibberish with elven accents thrown in. 

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I’m really weird about things meant to “humanize” sex workers like “yeah, she’s a stripper, but she’s also a med student with a 4.0 GPA so don’t judge her” like, okay, so, and there’s someone in that same club who dropped out of high school and is a teenage mom, does that mean she’s lesser?

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