what are these boxes
☼ I have no idea what to do with them
☼ ???
☼ they're called update tabs
☼ but what does that even mean?
☼ whatever I like the rest of the theme
☼ so I guess I'll just figure it out
☼ now with 100% more bullet points!
Fandoms I'm actually in
☼ Marvel
☼ Harry Potter
☼ Orphan Black
Other fandoms I have interest in
☼ Anything magical girls
☼ DC's okay [aka I ♥ Wonder Woman]
☼ Pacrim
☼ Homestuck
☼ Elementary
☼ Dragon Age
☼ Rooster Teeth
☼ Once Upon A Time
☼ Orange is the New Black
Fandoms I'm no longer in
☼ Teen Wolf
☼ Supernatural
☼ Doctor Who
☼ BBC Sherlock
I am defensive about those ladies over there
☼ Rachel Duncan is a complex character with her own motivations she is not a flat one dimensional pure evil villain
☼ Allison Argent is a queen and deserved better than what teen wolf and its fandom gave her
☼ Skye is my darling and if you don't like her or if you ship her with ward then you really need to gtfo my blog
☼ Nat is a goddess in any universe and really fuckin needs a movie yA HEAR ME MARVEL
☼ check out the tag for more rad, wonderful, lovely ladies xoxo



help ive fallen and i cant get up

#its funny cause they’re old

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this happens to me every single time i am sick to death of seeing the same thing

why are you reblogging this oh god please don’t

Because you’re right

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it’s 2014 get that fucking slur out of your username you think anyone wants to see that shit

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"I see this happening a lot. Parents will tell a child to shake hands/hug/give someone a kiss, or people meeting a child will swoop in and demand physical contact, without checking with the child to see how she might feel about it. There’s an assumption that children’s bodies are part of the commons, and that adults are welcome and encouraged to include physical contact (I’m talking about nonsexual physical contact here, obviously) in their interactions with children. Children are punished for asserting their boundaries and saying no — I see kids sent to their rooms, or ordered to hug an adult back, or otherwise penalised for saying that their bodies are their own and they’d feel more comfortable not touching someone.

Most parents, I strongly believe, do this with the best of intentions. They want their kids to be outgoing and social, and they also want people who are meeting their kids to feel like the kids are engaging with them. But at the same time, it teaches children that they don’t have boundaries, that adults won’t respect their bodies, and that later on in life, they shouldn’t assert themselves when they’re uncomfortable with contact. That has real consequences, and it feeds into larger conversations about consent, bodies, and autonomy.

It’s ‘good manners’ to let someone touch you even when you don’t want her to."

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Orphan Black Poster by Me

Proof once again that Orphan Black fan artists are the best fan artists.

More #CloneClub art here.

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marvel comics meme - 6/10 characters | America Chavez (Miss America)

"Come here. You’ve got a head you don’t need."
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It’s essential that we critique a sexist, misogynistic, racist, hyper-violent society without stigmatizing millions of people with mental health issues.

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I just discovered the term “spectrumslide” as an alternative to the term “genderbend” and I REALLY think people should start using it and loving it as much as I do. It takes into account both the gender and sex spectrums, so not only is it not transphobic, it also is a lot more interesting and fun to experiment with.

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when u go to a restaraunt regularly and order the same thing every time


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